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M4Reactor has to move by October 22, 2019 and have found a space on Rt 13 just north of downtown that is quite affordable compared to many other commercial spaces.  The address is 307 North Salisbury Blvd, the building currently being enhanced with a huge mural and small park adjacent to it.  However, there is still a substantial amount of work that we have to do to prepare it for us to move including some demolition, building 2 classrooms, adding access doors, electrical, ducting, HVAC work, plumbing, painting, adding security doors and security system, etc.  The TCC Foundation is helping us with rent for our first year as well as assisting us with our work creating our own 501c3 but we are searching for support of our build-out costs.  We have to raise $43,400 in less than a month.

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