M4Reactor & COVID-19

M4Reactor was hoping to open a few weeks ago.  But the pandemic put a halt to those plans.  What we are doing instead is designing and building protection devices for our health care and front-line workers.  Do you need a shield or "ear saver"?  Or can you help by donating to keep us operational during this time?

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Building protection devices for health care and front-line workers.

Pruchase our Safety Prodcts

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We need all the help we can get for our final push to finish our new space so we can open.  Everything from painting and cleanup to electrical and plumbing.  Please help if you can!


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M4Reactor is a Makerspace. If you're not sure what a makerspace is--it's okay, we are the first of our kind on the eastern shore! Makerspaces are collaborative learning environments, community spaces where everyone from students to adults, individuals or organizations, can come together and discover new technologies. Here people can come to collaborate with other curious and innovative people and to turn their ideas into actual products.

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