Get your small business online!

With this series of workshops, you will go from the very basics of organizing your objectives, marketing message and branding of your website all the way through production and launch of a new website.

The course is offered as a single day per week for four weeks.  After each day you will have the following week to implement the things you have learned so that you are fully prepared for the next section of the course.

You can choose to take individual sections (Day 1, Day 2/3, Day 4) but make sure to get a $70 discount and a comprehensive approach to web implementation by signing up for all 4 days.

Day 1: Intro – We will discuss how to build a strong web foundation and walk you through the planning and preparation for implementing a new website.  We’ll show you options for your platform and finalize a choice.

Day 2: Getting Started – We will take you through planning and setup, understanding the basics of WordPress including pages and menus and end the day with branding and customization.

Day 3: Building & Launching – To continue the WordPress implementation we will guide you through content and page layouts and then dive into key plugins that you may want to provide specific functionality including a blog/news area, e-commerce shop, social media links, contact forms and map, email opt-in and photo gallery or portfolio.  We’ll end the day with what you need to do to launch your site.

Day 4: After You Launch – The hard part is driving customers to your site.  On day 4 we guide you through marketing strategies including offline approaches, online advertising, analytics to track your users and finally how to speed up your website.

This workshop series has been developed by Kevin Justice and Rebecca Inkrote of Matice (who are also your instructors!).

Register for all 4 days at a $70 discount only $329!

Sign up for all 4 days and you'll save $70 off the cost of signing up for individual days.

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When: Tuesdays from 9am-4pm, June 6 to 27

Where: M4Reactor @ 31901 Tri-County Way, Salisbury MD

Who: Anyone who wants to build a website for their business.

Cost: $329 for all 4 days.  Single days are $99 ea.

Requirements: None other than proficient use of a web browser.

Instructors: Kevin Justice & Rebecca Inkrote

Contact: 410-858-4775 or