With our grand opening coming soon we decided to give everyone a closer look at some things to look forward to with a new thing we are calling Workshop Wednesday. On this weeks edition we are show casing our metal lathe. We will be hosting a metal lathe workshop after our grand opening. The metal lathe is a very cool machine that can make barbecue skewers, pens, goblets, hammers and pretty much anything you can think of! More specific details about this workshop will be posted closer to the date but for now we are still working hard to get our space ready for the grand opening. Volunteers are still needed. Please go to our website in our bio to sign up to volunteer, donate equipment and/or monetary funds. All the help is greatly appreciated. Comment down below what you are excited to make with our metal lathe! #makerspace #make #m4reactor #community #downtown #m4maker #salisbury #sby #volunteer #metallathe #create #inspire

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