M4Reactor's Wish List

Below are items or supplies that we need for our makerspace.  If you have something here that is spare or want to donate, just let us know.  We'll even come pick it up!


  • 8' Step Ladder
  • 12' A-frame Step Ladder
  • Electric Circular Saw
  • Electric Sawzall
  • Electric Jigsaw
  • Battery powered circular saw
  • Battery powered jigsaw
  • pry bar
  • rasp


  • Screws (any size)
  • Nails (any size)
  • Nuts/Bolts (any size)
  • sheet metal
  • bar metal
  • wood (2x4, 2x6, etc)
  • panel wood
  • plastic/acrylic
  • scrap corian/granite/etc