M4Reactor's 1 year Start-up Plan


We have a lot of goals.

...And it all boils down to providing experiential learning opportunities for everyone with science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) to make something and then turn those new skills into a new product or new job opportunity.

Sounds lofty?  We're up for the challenge. 

But how are we going to make this happen?  Here's our plan.  This is not the detailed plan (you wouldn't want to read all 27gb of that).  But its an outline of what we plan to accomplish in the next year.


FIRST. The People.

To be successful, we knew that we had to start with the community of people who are interested in helping make this happen.  We started having Interest Meetings at the beginning of 2016 and will continue to hold these meetings to let people know what we are working on.  The people are the reason we will be successful.


SECOND. The Partners.

Next, we new we would need the help of others in the community.  Starting a new organization is a lot of work and having strategic partners allows you to leverage the resources you do have.  Thus far we have the support of many different organizations in the area including schools, non-profits, libraries, government agencies and even for-profit companies.  We will continue to grow our base of supporting partners who can help us reach our goal.


THIRD. The Program.

Finally, we knew we would need to source and create innovative programming to be successful.  We are constantly researching best-in-class practices to create learning opportunities for all age groups.  What we are doing is not new to the world but it is new to the Eastern Shore.  And our team is working diligently to create programs and events to engage youth, teens and adults of all ages.

How do we put this plan into motion?

ALL of 2016

Interest Meetings!  We will continue to get people involved in our grass-roots effort.  Make sure you attend one of our interest meetings to find out more about our plans.


We launched our Summer of Steam 2016 youth program! This includes 5 weeks of courses geared towards youth entering grades 7 to 12.  We've created classes in robotics, rocketry, 3D CAD and 3D Printing and circuitry.

Why did we start here?  OK you got us.  It was easy!  By leveraging our partners, we have space to provide these courses.

Fall 2016

Next up is to open our first location.  Why first?  Well let's just say we have very big aspirations.  But seriously, our objective is to open a facility in or near downtown Salisbury that will have a training area, a maker area and a 3D print lab.  And if space allows, we've got other plans on what to include.  This space will allow us to expand our youth education and start our adult education.  We're working to get multiple 3D printers, a laser cutter and even a small CNC machine. 

Winter 2017

Next up is to open our first community workshop.  We have a tentative location and plan on creating a space with both wood working and metal working tools.  We hope to have a larger laser cutter and a full size CNC machine.  And we will expand all of our training and education programs to fully utilize this space.


So our crystal ball showing what's more than a year away is still a little fuzzy.  We've got lots of plans, but we aren't going to share them until we're able to firm them up a little bit more.  But stay tuned!

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!