Do you want to teach a class at our makerspace?

Teaching at M4Reactor is meant to be an easy process.  We provide the facility - the area's ONLY community makerspace.  We handle course marketing, registrations, and payments.  We can handle material acquisition (as long as you let us know what you need).  All you need to do is show up ready to teach your class!


What can you teach?

I'm sure you've got lots of questions.  The biggest question we get is "what can I teach?".  And here's the best part - pretty much anything!  Since we're a Makerspace, the class should focus on making.  It could be making something physical but doesn't have to be.  It could be learning how to code to "make" a program.  And we're open to hearing about other ideas you have!

What's next?

Follow the steps below!  It is that easy.

Other Opportunities: