Cosplay Meet-up

Do you like to cosplay but don't know where to start and need some expert opinions? Or are you a pro and want to share your ideas? Join Yancy Wharton and all those who like to cosplay as their favorite characters from Movies, Shows, Games, etc... Any level of cosplayers are welcome. Stop by and join us in discussing costume designs/ideas, past experiences, and how to put together costumes.

Cosplay Meetups are held the third Thursday of every month at 6PM.

Topics we will review:
Katsucon Discussion
Otakon Discussion
Special Movie Showing and Discussion - Classic Ghost in the Shell
Watch and discuss studio gibli movies
Game Night - Sushi Go
Video Game Extravaganza!
Costume Creations - EVA Foam Basics
Costume Creations - What about dem wings
Costume Creations - Pepakura Basics
Costume Creations - costuming with power tools
and much more!


When is the next meetup?

Check out our calendar to see when this meetup and others are occuring!

Other Meetups at M4: