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Membership Costs and Rates

Memberships will be monthly prepaid or yearly prepaid (direct credit card only). Enroll for a yearly membership and get two months FREE.  The rates below are based on age and area used.

Desktop Fabrication: $35/month or $350/year. This includes the front space containing the soldering and electronics station, 3D printers, 40w laser cutter, and more. Must be 14 to 17 years old.

Full Space Access: $50/month or $500/year. This allows access to the desktop fabrication area and the shop (including wood working, metal working and CNC tools).

ALL Members will get a member discount on classes and other events and registrations at M4.  You will also receive discounts on products that we provide.  Must be 18 years or older.

Level Price  
Desktop Fabricator - Monthly $35.00 per Month. Select
Desktop Fabricator - Yearly $350.00 per Year. Select
Full Member - Monthly $50.00 per Month. Select
Full Member - Yearly $500.00 per Year. Select

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Membership Levels

A paying member is further defined by their membership level.  Those are as follows:

Membership Guests? Access Training Requirements Other Criteria
Associate No Open Hours None All New Members
Apprentice Yes Open Hours Completed basic safety course
Journeyman Yes 24/7 Completed all safety course and approved  by membership committee
Master Yes 24/7 Completed all safety courses* Invite Only


*Additional expectations of the Master membership level are not specified.

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You may bring a single guest of at least 8 years old into the education area or desktop fabrication area.  No guests are permitted in the shop area. Guests under 14 years old are not allowed to be in the space unsupervised.

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Safety Course Training

To use the space and certain equipment there are required safety courses.  You must re-certify every 36 months or when there is a major equipment change.

Training Classes Cost
Basic Safety Free
3D Printing Free
Laser Cutter Safety & Use $35
CNC Safety & Use $35
Table Saw and Chop Saw Free
Drill Press and Band Saw Free
Basic Soldering Free
Others as needed TBD
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Power Up Points

To help people pay for future fees, we have a “Power Up” point system where you can earn points by helping out M4.  Use your points as value when making purchases at M4 including on membership subscriptions.  Please see your Member Handbook for more specific information.

Power Ups Points Level Minimum to Earn
Working Counter and other Volunteer Hours* 5 pts/hour Any
Bring New Guest 4 pts Associate
Refer a New Member 30 pts Associate
Loan Machines* 15 pts/machine/mo Associate
Teaching Safety Course* 10 pts Journeyman
Mentor an Apprentice 8 pts/month Journeyman

*All Power Ups marked by an asterisk must be pre-approved and scheduled. You cannot ad-hoc these for points.