Membership Rates

Memberships will be monthly prepaid (direct credit card only).

ALL Members will get a member discount on classes and other events and registrations at M4.  You will also receive discounts on products that we provide.  Must be 14 years or older for membership.

See the Discounts sections below to see if you are eligible for any discounts we offer on membership rates.

  • 4 Days Per Month - $30/mo or $300/yr
  • 10 Days Per Month - $75/mo or $750/yr
  • Unlimited Visits Per Month - $95/mo or $950/yr

All membership tiers include one of the following shops:

    • Wood Shop
    • Metal Shop
    • Laser Shop
    • Kiln Shop (Coming Soon!)


Additional shops can be added to your membership as follows:

    • 1 Additional Shop - $15/month
    • 2 Additional Shops - $25/month
    • 3 Additional Shops - $35/month

Note:  If you signed up prior to the new rates, your rates are grandfathered in.  Want to change?  Let us know and we'll cancel your old subscription so you can signup under a new subscription.

Not sure about signing up?

Contact us and chat or set up a tour!

Member Access

Members can access the space for their own projects during any scheduled Open Hours. Once a member has completed all safety courses and been a member in good standing for three months, they can petition the board for 24/7 access to the space.


You may bring a single guest of at least 12 years old into the education area or desktop fabrication area.  No guests are permitted in the shop area. Guests under 14 years old are not allowed to be in the space unsupervised.

Guests are NOT permitted to use any equipment in the space.

Safety Course Training

To use the space and certain equipment there are required safety courses.  You must re-certify every 36 months or when there is a major equipment change.

Training ClassCost
Basic SafetyFree
3D PrintingFree
Laser Cutter Safety & UseFree
CNC Safety & UseFree
Table Saw and Chop SawFree
Drill Press and Band SawFree
Basic SolderingFree
Lathe Safety & Use$35

What if you can't afford membership?

M4Reactor understands that not every individual can afford a membership.  We try to make this space as accessible for everyone as we can. That's why we offer a variety of discounts, scholarships, and volunteering opportunities for members.


Check out the Veteran Scholarship we offer.  We can offer this particular scholarship thanks to donations from community members.


If you are interested in volunteering your time, such as working at the front desk to increase our open hours or offer any other skills  that could help us (marketing, planning, coordination, fundraising, etc.), we offer $10 off your monthly membership per volunteer hour, for pre-approved tasks.  We also have a job board that you can choose tasks around the space to help out with.  Job board items must be authorized prior to starting and validated when complete.  This discount can only be applied to the current month's membership fees (not shop fees, class fees, material fees, etc.) and cannot be carried over to later months.

STAY TUNED as we are moving to a point system that can be used for different discounts.

Community Support Discounts

Veterans: 20% off
Emergency Responders: 20% off
Teachers: 20% off
Students currently enrolled at WorWic, SU, UMES, Del Tech, UD, Delaware State and any local Highschool under the age of 25: 20% off

Note:  The discount is off the membership and shop fees ONLY.  Previous to 6/14/21 we had said 25% but that was only off of membership and not shop fees.  We have adjusted the discount for clarity.


Family Memberships

Family members (related and living at the same address) receive 50% of the 2nd and subsequent memberships.  The primary membership must be the highest membership of the group and all others can be at the same rate or lower.

For example, 3 brothers want to join, Sam, Ali and Jimmy.

  • Sam wants to sign up for Woodshop at 10 days/month ($75/mo)
  • Ali wants to sign up for Woodshop and Metalshop at 4 days/month ($45/mo)
  • Jimmy wants to sign up for Laser and Kiln at 10 days/month ($90/mo)

As Jimmy's membership is highest, his is the primary membership (not discounted).  Both Ali and Sam would get 50% off.


Not what you're looking for? Check out our other membership options: