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M4Reactor was about 2 weeks away from opening when the Coronavirus hit and our community started getting shut-down orders.  We could not open to the public at that time, so we pivoted our operations to provide PPE equipment for hospitals, front-line workers and local businesses.


We are part of the solution
to fighting COVID-19!

Acrylic Shields for your Business!

Help maintain social distance and physical separation while protecting from splashes and sprays with our clear acrylic barriers. Plexiglass sneeze guards, splash guards, cashier shields and other clear partitions are more important than ever.

M4Reactor can deliver standard shields in stand-alone, U shape or haning varieties or have us come to your business and measure and then design custom fit acrylic shields. Click the link below to be taken to our e-shop!

Acrylic Shields for Hospitals

M4Reactor provided Peninsula Regional Medical Center with two types of clear barriers to help protect the medical staff.

Kevin Justice, Executive Director of M4Reactor delivered the first batch of shields on 4/3.  One type is a 2'x2' intubation box that sits over the patient's head allowing the provider to reach through the provided holes.  The second is a 3'x2' shield that can be used by nurses who are obtaining nasal swabs to test for COVID-19.

Kevin Justice said, "the shields are made out of crystal clear acrylic cut on a large laser machine at M4Reactor".  The original concept was done by ESA physician and emergency medicine specialist, Dr. William Wild, who saw this being used overseas and created the first prototype locally.  Kevin Justice then took the design and prototyped one that could be cut on a laser that included locking tabs that help with stability and assembly.  After being cut, teams from both M4Reactor and Salisbury University are assembling the boxes for delivery to the hospital.  The teams worked to deliver 20 intubation boxes and 15 collection shields by April 4.

Additionally, M4Reactor shared the laser cut files on Thingiverse for others to use.  Here are the links:

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Ear Savers

The National Institute of Health maintains a database of 3D printable items.  One item, the "Surgical Mask Tension Release Band for Ear Comfort & Extended Use" has gained a lot of interest by health care workers having to wear surgical masks and N95 masks for extended periods.  (Link)

Kevin Justice of M4Reactor has heard first hand of the need but knew that the 20-40 minutes needed to 3D print one of these was not going to provide enough for groups like Hospitals in a reasonable timeframe.  Researching plastics, he found that PETG would be idea but is in short supply due to the making of face shields.  So he ordered some High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) in black and converted the file to be laser cut.  HIPS is typically used in vacuum forming things like take-out trays and is food safe so would work fine in a sanitary environment.

M4Reactor can produce 1 every 24 seconds on a laser cutter (plus time to collect and clean).  This is a tremendous time savings over 3D printing.  Peninsula Regional Medical Center has asked for 2000 to be delivered as soon as possible.

Additionally, we shared the laser cut file with the public as well so others can replicate this in their region:

We are also working on other versions of this like the one that takes 3/4" elastic or a hair-band.

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Help Us Help You

We are a 100% volunteer organization helping our community.  But that won't keep the lights on and the doors open.  We need your support to help with rent and utilities.  And we have looked for other resources to help fund us but as we don't have payroll, we don't qualify for the small business grant available.  Can you help us?  If so, donate at our GoFundMe page or send a check to:

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