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Final Move & Buildout Schedule

Do you have a few hours to volunteer?  We really need your help for the last push to get the new space ready and moved into.  Click the button below to be taken to an editable version of the sign-up sheet.  Go to the cell and enter your name.  If there are others already in that slot, just add your name at the end.  If you can only show up for a few hours, please note that like (5p-7p). Remember, if you sign up, show up!  Don't sign up if you don't think you can make it.

Note:  The "old" space refers to 30901 Tri-County Way, Suite 135, Salisbury MD (across from WorWic).  The "NEW" space is at 307 North Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury MD.

What's Going On?

M4Reactor has been a program under the Tri-County Council Foundation for the past 4 years and it's time we spread our wings!  We're working on forming our own 501(c)(3) organization and need new space.

We have to move by October 22, 2019 and have found a space on Rt 13 just north of downtown that is quite affordable compared to many other commercial spaces.  The address is 307 North Salisbury Blvd, the building currently being enhanced with a huge mural and small park adjacent to it.  However, there is still a substantial amount of work that we have to do to prepare it for us to move including some demolition, building 2 classrooms, adding access doors, electrical, ducting, HVAC work, plumbing, painting, adding security doors and security system, etc.  The TCC Foundation is helping us with rent for our first year as well as providing assistance for our work creating our own 501(c)(3) but we need your for support of our build-out costs.

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How ?

We have to raise $43,400 in less than a month to be successful.

- - Kevin Justice, Executive Director


Our first real makerspace was a blank slate - just 2 boxes interconnected.  Our new space is similar which allows us to create a space to our needs.

We have partnered with GoFundMe to collect donations for us.  Please consider giving to our campaign.  Even $5 will help!  Thank you in advance.

Many of the items in our existing space are donated or repurposed. Our work benches are made from boxes for holding bolts of materials from a company that went out of business.

Do You Have Any Of These That You Can Donate?

Material & Item Needs List

wdt_ID Item/Service Quantity Link Type Status
1 Metal 2x4 studs 3 5/8x8' 135 Raw Material Need
2 Metal 2x4 track/plate 3 5/8x10' 32 Raw Material Need
3 1 1/4" fine thread drywall screws 20lbs Raw Material Need
8 glass window, 4' wide x 3' tall 7 Raw Material Need
9 prehung double french door set (with glass) 3 sets Raw Material Need
10 prehung french door (single with glass) 3 sets Raw Material Need
11 door molding, 8' long 35 Raw Material Need
12 floor molding, 8' long 30 Raw Material Need
13 wall insulation, 15"x35' roll 12 Raw Material Need
14 spray foam can 10 Raw Material Need
Item/Service Quantity Link Type Status

Commit to Donating Supplies

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Collaboration was key to getting our first makerspace operational.  Now with 3 times the space, that need is far greater.

Volunteer to Help Build M4Reactor's New Space

Volunteer Schedule

The calendar below is our tentative demolition, cleanup, build-out and move schedule.  It is subject to change but should stay fairly consistent.  If you have questions, email Kevin. 

Our first space was made possible through the help of generous donations in time and materials.

Sponsor M4Reactor's New Space

Click the button on the right to download our sponsorship Package.  Select one and email, call or send in the form.  It's THAT EASY!!!

PREMIER Makerspace Sponsor


BE OUR BEST FRIEND!!! This yearly sponsorship includes your logo prominently displayed on the exterior of our building and wherever we reference the 307 location. Your logo will also appear on our website in the top spot of the footer area for Primary Sponsors as well as on the footer of all emails. Online logos will have a link to whatever website you choose. We will write a page regarding your sponsorship and how it positively impacts the community which will be on our website, posted in our facility as a story and sent via social media to our community. You will also have 5 tickets to our premier Sponsor launch event and receive a custom gift. And did we mention we'll show you lots of love?!?!?

Spot Sponsor


Woodshop Sponsor, $10,000
Metal Shop Sponsor, $10,000
Fabrication Lab Sponsor, $10,000
Classroom Sponsor, $5,000 (2 available)
Safety Equipment Sponsor, $2,500
Retail Shop Sponsor, $2,500

Be a great friend! These sponsorships include your logo prominently displayed on a sign in the area of sponsorship, in color on a plaque with the phrase “Sponsored By”. Your logo will also appear on our website in the footer area for Primary Sponsors as well as on the footer of all emails. Online logos will have a link to whatever website you choose or a page on our website that talks about the value of your donation to the community. You will also have 2 tickets to our premier Sponsor launch event and receive a custom gift.

Class & Scholarship Sponsor

min $500

Youth Class Sponsor
Military & Veteran Scholarship Sponsor
Youth Scholarship Sponsor
First Responder Scholarship Sponsor
Teacher Scholarship Sponsor
Disadvantaged Youth Scholarship Sponsor
Entrepreneur Scholarship Sponsor
Starving Artist Scholarship Sponsor

Support the those less able. These sponsorships include your logo displayed on all advertising related to the topic of sponsorship. Your logo will be listed with others that sponsor the same scholarship in alphabetical order. Online logos will have a link to whatever website you choose. You will also have 1 ticket to our premier Sponsor launch event and receive a custom gift.

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We're so excited to move into our new space.  With the additional area, we will have dedicated classrooms and areas for all sorts of new training classes, project classes and programs!

What will this space allow M4 to do???

The larger space will allow us to implement a new program we are working on with Telamon to provide manufacturing job skills to disconnected youth age 16-24 who do not have a high school diploma or a job.  Being on RT 13 will also give us much needed visibility for community support and engagement.  Additionally, we will be able to implement equipment that has been donated to us but in storage due to the lack of space including metal working and welding equipment, kilns for ceramics and glass, a new 160w laser cutter and a variety of other smaller bench tools.

Additionally, we are also actively partnering with the city on two major objectives.  The first, “MADE IN SBY” will bring together all manufacturers in the area providing collaboration and a consistent branding message of the value of manufacturing in our community.  The second is the creation of a “Makers Faire” whereby anyone locally producing crafts, art and other items of craftsmanship will be able to sell their products to the public at a yearly event.