Happy Maker Monday! Many new and exciting things are happening at M4Reactor this year. We are thrilled to announce the recent addition of our mobile makerspace. The mobile makerspace will be seen all over the Delmarva area starting in Summer of 2020 inspiring makers of all ages. We are working hard to get the space ready for our community but need your help. Please volunteer your time, donate equipment/tools, & contribute to our gofundme. We appreciate all the help and are super excited for the space to be ready for all of our makers and community members to enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below or message us for more information. #makerspace #mobile #mobilemakerspace #innovation #salisbury #sbymaker #downtown #m4reactor #volunteer #donate #create #inspire

via M4Reactor https://ift.tt/31liYGC