What is an Art Therapy Dream Group?

  • March 17, 2019
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This class is a workshop about using art for therapy and working with your dreams. The facilitator, Maggi Horseman, Art Therapist, LGPAT, will explore the following topics:

1. What is art therapy?
2. How to approach the meaning of dreams from a Jungian psychology approach.
3. Led the group through some art making throughout the workshop to give everyone a taste of what art therapy can be like.
4. Talk about the art therapy dream group in formation to be hosted by M4 Reactor.

What is Group Therapy?
Group therapy provides psychotherapy and counseling focusing on interpersonal dynamics and group support. Members can find help with numerous concerns including anxiety, depression, a need for increased self-esteem, and a sense of belonging or meaning in life. Members learn from each other in a setting facilitated by a master’s level counselor, or therapist.

What is Art Therapy?
Art therapy uses art materials and the creative process for individuals to gain personal insight, behavioral change, and increase overall well-being. Art therapy can only be implemented by a licensed art therapist to ensure proper care for each person engaging in therapy.

Following Jungian Psychology theory, dreams offer keys to unlocking symbolic wisdom through the language of images. Thus, guided by the image through art therapy, participants will learn how to develop a personal relationship with their dreams in order to gain practical insight into their inner worlds.

What is Dream Analysis?
Dream analysis engages imagery and symbolism from dreams for personal insight and personal development. Dreams speak in in images, that according to Carl Jung, are the language of the soul. Through engagement of dreams, individuals find ways to develop and manifest goals, unearth talents, and develop skills that can contribute to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Why have a Dream Art Therapy Group?
While Salisbury has options for a variety of art classes and workshops, there are minimal options for group therapy in the area. Furthermore, dream analysis availability is rare in most non-metropolitan areas. Groups provide a more economical option for individuals to do dream analysis and group therapy than individual therapy, which often runs from $150 per 60-minute weekly session.

About the Instructor:

Maggi Horseman MS, LGPAT, received her master degree from Florida State University in 2018. She grew up on the Eastern Shore and returned after school to serve her native community. She has an art therapy license with the state of Maryland as a licensed graduate professional art therapist. Maggi is insured for professional liability and is a member of the American Art Therapy Association and the Maryland Art Therapy Association. As required by the state of Maryland, she receives weekly supervision by an licensed, authorized, board certified art therapy supervisor in the state of Maryland.

Maggi has an advanced level of dream analysis certification with the Assisi Institute, an international, multidisciplinary Jungian educational center for archetypal pattern analysis training and is working on a 3rd year of dream analysis training for a master’s level dream analysis certification. She is also enrolled in Archetypal Pattern Analysis Certification training with the Assisi Institute. http://www.assisiinstitute.com/.

Maggi designed and facilitated an 8-session dream art therapy group in May and June of 2018 as a community project for her final graduate project for Florida State University at a local community church. 6 members attended with 3 members completing the 8-session group. Member feedback included that they understood more about their dreams and themselves and found greater self-confidence and stress relief using art materials. All completing members stated that they wished the group would have continued after the initial 8 session run.

You can find more out about Maggi and her services at www.chironarttherapy.com.

Max Students: 20

Age: 18 and up

Course Length: 2 hours

Instructor: Maggi Horesman

Member Price: $15

Non-Member Price: $25

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