Cosplay Meetup

Do you like to cosplay but don't know where to start and need some expert opinions? Or are you a pro and want to share your ideas? Join Yancy Wharton and all those who like to cosplay as their favorite characters from Anime/Cartoons/Movies/Games etc... Any level of cosplayers are welcome.

General agenda for meetings will be discussing costume designs/ideas, share past experiences and how to put together costumes.

Cosplay Meetups are held the third Thursday of every month.

Some of the topics we will be reviewing:
Katsucon Discussion
Otakon Discussion
Special Movie Showing and Discussion - Classic Ghost in the Shell
Watch and discuss studio gibli movies
Game Night - Sushi Go
Video Game Extravaganza!
Costume Creations - EVA Foam Basics
Costume Creations - What about dem wings
Costume Creations - Pepakura Basics
Costume Creations - costuming with power tools