Become a Corporate Member

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Corporate Membership is a great way for your organization to utilize our equipment and space.  Do you want to try out a piece of equipment we have before you invest in one?  Do you want to try out a process before implementing it on your equipment?  Maybe you want to give your R&D staff some quiet space to actually do R&D?  Or maybe you want to take use of our white-board wall in our education space.  All of these are great reasons to take advantage of a corporate membership.

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Corporate Member Benefits

  • Reserve either the workshop or the education space between the hours of 8am to 5pm for up to 12 days per year included in your membership.
  • Up to 5 employees may use the shop simultaneously or 10 employees can use the education space at a time.
  • For 3D Printers, longer print jobs can be run and more machines can be reserved than under a personal membership.
  • Extra days may be purchased at a pro-rata price.
  • Additional staff can be accommodated at a pro-rata price.
  • Privacy can be requested (meaning no others may be in the space) at a premium.
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Corporate Membership Costs

Corporate Memberships are $1,000 and yearly prepaid. Join today and start enjoying the benefits!

Level Price  
Desktop Fabricator - Monthly $35.00 per Month. Select
Desktop Fabricator - Yearly $350.00 per Year. Select
Full Member - Monthly $50.00 per Month. Select
Full Member - Yearly $500.00 per Year. Select