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Cosplay Meetup
2019-09-19 22:00:00EditViewR:
Cosplay Meetup
2019-08-15 22:00:00EditViewR:
Fighting Climate Change through Making: Summer Camp
2019-07-29 16:30:00EditViewR:
Impossible Engineering Summer Camp
2019-07-29 12:00:00EditViewR:
2019-07-22 16:30:00EditViewR:
VEX IQ - Robotics Camp
2019-07-22 12:00:00EditViewR:
Cosplay Meetup
2019-07-18 22:00:00EditViewR:
Boardwalk Arcade Summer Camp
2019-07-15 16:30:00EditViewR:
Young Maker-Preneurs Summer Camp
Young Maker-preneurs
2019-07-15 12:00:00EditViewR:
Making Magic Happen: The Ultimate Harry Potter Themed Summer Camp
2019-07-08 12:00:00EditViewR:
Cosplay Meetup
2019-06-20 22:00:00EditViewR:
Introduction to Art Therapy
2019-05-30 23:00:00EditViewR:
Board Game Night!
2019-05-25 21:00:00EditViewR:
Cosplay Meetup
2019-05-16 22:00:00EditViewR:
Board Game Night!
2019-05-11 21:00:00EditViewR:
Board Game Night!
2019-04-27 21:00:00EditViewR:
Make-Your-Own Sign Using Chalk-Style Paint
2019-04-25 23:00:00EditViewR:
Make your own Personalized Bottle Opener
2019-04-18 22:30:00EditViewR:
Cosplay Meetup
2019-04-18 22:00:00EditViewR:
Board Game Night!
2019-04-13 21:00:00EditViewR:
Junior Maker Series: Building a Brushbot
2019-04-13 16:00:00EditViewR:
New Member Orientation
2019-04-13 15:00:00EditViewR:
DIY Custom Coasters
2019-04-09 22:30:00EditViewR:
Laser Safety Training
2019-04-06 15:00:00EditViewR:
Jewelry Making: Make Your Own Earrings
2019-04-04 23:00:00EditViewR: 3
Arduino 101: Blink!
2019-03-27 22:00:00EditViewR: 1
Knitting 101: So you want to be a knitter?
Knitting 101 Week 3
2019-03-26 22:00:00EditViewR: 2
LED Greeting Cards: Maker Junior Series
2019-03-26 14:00:00EditViewR: