Skills Training & Workshops

M4Reactor offers skills training and workshops in a variety of topics.  These are all run by people who have put their own curriculum together to run at M4Reactor.  You can check out the upcoming classes here.

We are also always looking for more teachers with the skills to teach new and different workshops here. If you are interested in teaching a course, you can learn more about Teaching @ M4 here.

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Safety Training

Some of our equipment requires that you take safety training before you are authorized to operate it.  These classes also offer basic instruction on use. Currently the equipment that requires training is:

Training ClassCost
Basic SafetyFree for Members
3D PrintingFree for Members
Laser Cutter Safety & UseFree for Members
CNC Safety & UseFree for Members
Table Saw and Chop SawFree for Members
Drill Press and Band SawFree for Members
Basic SolderingFree for Members
Lathe Safety & Use$70

For safety classes, we will at times schedule them on our calendar but we always provide these one-on-one as needed.  Just fill out the form below and we'll get a volunteer to run your training session.

Dislocated Worker Training

As we get grant funding, M4Reactor offers dislocated worker training.  In the past we have offered CNC training as well as 3D Design and Printing training.  These are typically week long courses led by local industry experts.  If you are interested in taking this type of training through us, fill out the information form below.

Dislocated Worker Training

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